In these tutorials a couple of biological problems will be analyzed using a variety of PLAZA tools. These topics are specifically selected to show new users how to use the different features of the platform.

The Basic Overview highlights the various components of the website. This brief overview displays, using screenshots, where eg. the Search bar or the Toolbox can be found.

Available tutorials

  • Introduction : explains the basic functionality of the website to find your favorite genes or functionally related homologs. The navigation table reports how to reach the different tools.
  • Gene Family : illustrates some principles of how you can browse the homologous gene families, their sub-families and corresponding multiple sequence alignments and phylogenetic trees.
  • Genome Evolution : focuses on the evolution of genomes and the detection of WGDs.
  • Functional annotation : describes how the functional annotation included in PLAZA can be explored.
  • Workbench : demonstrates how PLAZA can be used to analyze user-defined gene sets.
  • TF binding sites : how to browse and interpret conserved TF binding sites

If you have suggestions for extra tutorials, do not hesitate to contact us!