Visual overview tutorial

This page contains an overview of the content of the PLAZA website.

PLAZA home page

Figure 1 : PLAZA homepage overview. With the Menu, the tree with available species and the search bar highlighted
  • The Menu bar gives direct access to various options such as data overview and tools for data analysis
  • The available species overview gives direct access to the species available in PLAZA, and details the phylogenetic relationship between these species
  • The Search bar gives a wide range of search options (gene id's, functional annotation, …). For more information, see here or here
Figure 2 : Detail of the Search bar
  • A user can provide a term in the Search text field
  • The Data type selection can be used to select the type of data that will be returned.
  • Selection of species will limit the results to a specific species (if available for the selected Data type)


Figure 3 : PLAZA toolbox, this is an example of the toolbox on the experiment overview (part of the workbench). The toolbox on the gene- and gene family-page offers a different set of tools optimized for analysis of gene/gene families
  • A toolbox can be found on gene- , gene family- & workbench experiment-pages
  • The toolbox contains links to tools that can be performed on the current gene/gene family/set of genes in workbench
  • There is a different set of tools provided on the gene-, gene family- and experiment-overview page