PLAZA Terms of Service

Effective as of July 17, 2019
  1. Introduction
  2. Using the PLAZA platform
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Platform Licensing
  5. Data License
  6. Privacy and GDPR
  7. Support and Contact


The PLAZA platform offers a wide variety of tools, either by using the website or the API, to study and explore the genomes of species. This can be done through comparative, functional, and evolutionary genomics.

This page list the agreement details for the terms of service, to which the website and API users agree to when making use of the PLAZA platform.

Using the PLAZA platform

A. General

There are restrictions with regards to WHO can make use of the platform and WHAT users can do with the data.

B. Collected data

By using the PLAZA tool, the end-users agree to having their personal data be processed by PLAZA, as described in the PLAZA privacy statement. See the Privacy statement page for more information

C. Misuse of the PLAZA platform

If misuse of the data, our resources, or our infrastructure, is detected, then we reserve the right to take appropriate measures.
These measures include, but are not limited to:
  • Blocking users through their IP address
  • Removing user access from the workbench
  • Throttling user API calls


We provide the following data, tools and website(s) as is, without guarantee with regards to the correctness of the content; and we do not take responsibility for any potential errors: the main PLAZA website, the PLAZA instance websites, the data the PLAZA instances comprise, the FTP data, the API data, etc.

The PLAZA website, the various PLAZA instances, and the data they comprise, have been created with utmost care. Yet, errors with regards to both data content and data presentation might occur.

Platform Licensing

Please view the PLAZA licensing page for more information.

Data License

Please view the data license page for more information.

Privacy and GDPR

Please view the privacy policy page for more information.

Support and Contact

The PLAZA admins and developers offer support for questions with regards to the PLAZA platform.
Please view the contact page for more information.