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  May 2022   Team building Zeeland
Pictures here
  October 2021   Team building De Panne
  March 2021   Public PhD defense Cristina.
  November 2019   Brainstorm in Onhaye, near Dinant (BE).

  January 2018   What's in a name? We changed our group name from Comparative & Integrative Genomics to Comparative Network Biology    
  January 2017   Pre-print: A Guide to the PLAZA 3.0 Plant Comparative Genomic Database Vandepoele, K. (2017). Plant Genomics Databases: Methods and Protocols    
  December 2016   PLAZA stats for 2016: 13% increase in the number of users and 30% more page views than in 2015! More info    
  February 2016   SINGEK Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network Kick-off meeting Barcelona    
  July 2015   Access the recommendation on F1000Prime - Inference of transcriptional networks in Arabidopsis thaliana through conserved non-coding sequence analysis. Van de Velde, J*, Heyndrickx K*, Vandepoele K. (2014). Plant Cell    
  March 2015   Public Doctoral defense Ken Heyndrickx 'A functional and regulatory perspective on Arabidopsis thaliana'. March 25th 2015.
  July 2014   Structural and functional partitioning of bread wheat chromosome 3B. Choulet F., ..., Vandepoele K, ..., Feuillet, C. (2014). Science    
  Dec 2013   TRAPID: an efficient online tool for the functional and comparative analysis of de novo RNA-Seq transcriptomes. Van Bel M, Proost S, ... & Vandepoele K. (2013) Genome Biol. Dec 13;14(12):R134    
  July 2013   pico-PLAZA, a genome database of microbial photosynthetic eukaryotes. Vandepoele K., Van Bel, M. ... & Piganeau G. Environmental Microbiology, 2013    
  May 2012   Systematic identification of functional plant modules through the integration of complementary data sources. Heyndrickx KS & Vandepoele K. Plant Physiology, 2012 #OpenAccess
  April 2012   Review paper: Comparative co-expression analysis in plant biology. Movahedi S, Van Bel M, Heyndrickx KS and Vandepoele K. Plant, Cell & Environment, 2012 (download pre-print PDF)    
  October 2011   PLAZA version 2.5 publicly available!    
  July 2011   Trends in Plant Science review Plant protein-coding gene families: emerging bioinformatics approaches.
Includes a nice review of several PLAZA features!
  June 2011   Front cover Trends in Plant Science! Check out: ROS signaling: the new wave?    
  April 2011   Front cover PNAS! Check out: Plastid gene expression and plant development require a plastidic protein of the mitochondrial transcription termination factor family.
PNAS cover
  January 2011   Check out: Conference & Workshop Comparative and Regulatory Genomics in plants
11-15 April 2011, Ghent Belgium