TRAPID: Rapid Analysis of Transcriptome Data


TRAPID is an online tool for the fast, reliable and user-friendly analysis of de novo transcriptomes

Through a highly optimized processing pipeline the TRAPID system offers functional and comparative analyses for transcriptome data sets. TRAPID is highly competitive with respect to other existing solutions with regards to both speed and quality.

TRAPID features

  • Allows each user to have up to 10 different working sets, each allowing up to a 200,000 putative transcripts
  • Allows the user to select a reference database of choice; currently >170 genomes are available through PLAZA 2.5 and OrthoMCLDB version 5.0
  • Assign each transcript to a reference gene family or orthologous group.
  • Transfer functional annotation based on homology/orthology information for each transcript
  • Perform gene family-based analyses such as multiple sequence alignments and phylogenetic tree construction
  • Performs functional GO enrichment analysis of subsets
  • Extensive editing and export capabilities
  • Free of charge for academic use

In case you publish results generated using TRAPID, please cite this paper:

TRAPID, an efficient online tool for the functional and comparative analysis of de novo RNA-Seq transcriptomes. Michiel Van Bel, Sebastian Proost, Christophe Van Neste, Dieter Deforce, Yves Van de Peer and Klaas Vandepoele. Genome Biol.(2013) 14:R134