We are a young and dynamic research group interested in network biology, comparative -omics, data integration and bioinformatics, and are continuously looking for interested & motivated people that would like to join the group. For people who want to apply, please carefully check the requested profile, as people without any experience in genomics and/or computer science or lacking good English communication skills will not be retained.

  • 2-year Postdoc position: Computational Network Biology in plants

    You have an interest in how plants translate their genotypes into splendid phenotypes? You want to use computational biology and data integration to study plant networks in model species and crops? Find the full job description + application form here.

    In this project, our objective is to i) delineate high-quality biological networks in different plant species and to ii) develop new methods to accurately translate biological networks between species (model species & crops) with different levels of genome complexity.