Gene families associated with a MapMan term

All gene family content is shown and individual cells refer to the target genes (per species).
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Description MapMan term

.Nutrient uptake.iron uptake.reduction-based strategy uptake

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Gene family #genes (in total) #associated genes
HOM04D000431 570 338
HOM04D000362 643 29
HOM04D000008 5646 1
HOM04D000127 1401 1
HOM04D167453 1 1
#genes (in total)

This is the number of genes in the entire gene family.

#associated genes

This is the number of genes that are part of the gene family, and also have the specified MapMan term. Naturaly, this number should be a subset of "#genes (in total)".


Gene family
#genes (in total)
#associated genes