Comparative Network Biology - Vandepoele lab

Keywords: gene regulation, networks, data integration, systems biology, comparative genomics


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  • Recent publications:
    • Identification and evolution of gene regulatory networks: insights from comparative studies in plants. Jones and Vandepoele (2020) Current Opinion in Plant Biology
    • Enhanced maps of transcription factor binding sites improve regulatory networks learned from accessible chromatin data. Kulkarni, Jones and Vandepoele (2019) Plant Physiology
    • Comparative transcriptomics enables the identification of functional orthologous genes involved in early leaf growth. Vercruysse et al. (2019) Plant Biotechnology Journal
    • Curse: Building expression atlases and co-expression networks from public RNA-Seq data. Vaneechoutte and Vandepoele (2019) Bioinformatics
    • TF2Network: predicting transcription factor regulators and gene regulatory networks in Arabidopsis using publicly available binding site information Kulkarni, Vaneechoutte et al. (2018). Nucleic Acids Research
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