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File Description
PLAZA_PGE_poster.pptxPoster for PLAZA 2.5
PLAZA_flyer_2.5.pdfFlyer presenting the capabilities of the PLAZA 2.5 platform.
PLAZA_flyer_3.0.pdfFlyer presenting the capabilities of the PLAZA 3.0 platform.
PLAZA_presentation.pptPresentation on the standard capabilities of PLAZA, including several frequently asked questions on topics concerning wetlab research. Presented at PSB Weekly Science Meeting 2010-01-22.

Species Gene Ontology Interpro MapMan
Amborella trichopoda go.atr.csv.gz (3.31 MB) interpro.atr.csv.gz (1.78 MB) mapman.atr.csv.gz (68.00 B)
Arabidopsis thaliana go.ath.csv.gz (7.27 MB) interpro.ath.csv.gz (2.54 MB) mapman.ath.csv.gz (267.29 KB)
Cycas micholitzii go.cmi.csv.gz (556.09 KB) interpro.cmi.csv.gz (1.19 MB) mapman.cmi.csv.gz (68.00 B)
Ginkgo biloba go.gbi.csv.gz (655.79 KB) interpro.gbi.csv.gz (1.38 MB) mapman.gbi.csv.gz (68.00 B)
Gnetum montanum (579.22 KB) (1.32 MB) (68.00 B)
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica go.osa.csv.gz (5.42 MB) interpro.osa.csv.gz (3.69 MB) mapman.osa.csv.gz (349.46 KB)
Physcomitrella patens go.ppa.csv.gz (4.19 MB) interpro.ppa.csv.gz (2.12 MB) mapman.ppa.csv.gz (234.10 KB)
Picea abies go.pab.csv.gz (1.58 MB) interpro.pab.csv.gz (3.94 MB) mapman.pab.csv.gz (68.00 B)
Picea glauca go.pgl.csv.gz (1017.36 KB) interpro.pgl.csv.gz (2.13 MB) mapman.pgl.csv.gz (68.00 B)
Picea sitchensis go.psi.csv.gz (761.65 KB) interpro.psi.csv.gz (1.56 MB) mapman.psi.csv.gz (68.00 B)
Pinus pinaster go.ppi.csv.gz (2.10 MB) interpro.ppi.csv.gz (4.65 MB) mapman.ppi.csv.gz (68.00 B)
Pinus sylvestris go.psy.csv.gz (1.07 MB) interpro.psy.csv.gz (2.68 MB) mapman.psy.csv.gz (68.00 B)
Pinus taeda go.pta.csv.gz (2.34 MB) interpro.pta.csv.gz (5.47 MB) mapman.pta.csv.gz (68.00 B)
Populus trichocarpa go.ptr.csv.gz (7.43 MB) interpro.ptr.csv.gz (3.52 MB) mapman.ptr.csv.gz (312.84 KB)
Pseudotsuga menziesii go.pme.csv.gz (2.23 MB) interpro.pme.csv.gz (5.17 MB) mapman.pme.csv.gz (68.00 B)
Taxus baccata go.tba.csv.gz (777.54 KB) interpro.tba.csv.gz (1.67 MB) mapman.tba.csv.gz (68.00 B)
All species go.csv.gz (41.20 MB) interpro.csv.gz (44.78 MB) mapman.csv.gz (1.13 MB)

Species CDS files Protein files Genome files
Amborella trichopoda cds.atr.csv.gz (7.06 MB) proteome.atr.csv.gz (4.70 MB) Not Available
Arabidopsis thaliana cds.ath.csv.gz (12.22 MB) proteome.ath.csv.gz (6.13 MB) Not Available
Cycas micholitzii cds.cmi.csv.gz (3.47 MB) proteome.cmi.csv.gz (2.39 MB) Not Available
Ginkgo biloba cds.gbi.csv.gz (3.79 MB) proteome.gbi.csv.gz (2.61 MB) Not Available
Gnetum montanum (4.52 MB) (3.12 MB) Not Available
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica cds.osa.csv.gz (20.92 MB) proteome.osa.csv.gz (7.83 MB) Not Available
Physcomitrella patens cds.ppa.csv.gz (9.57 MB) proteome.ppa.csv.gz (6.42 MB) Not Available
Picea abies cds.pab.csv.gz (13.13 MB) proteome.pab.csv.gz (8.93 MB) Not Available
Picea glauca cds.pgl.csv.gz (5.71 MB) proteome.pgl.csv.gz (3.84 MB) Not Available
Picea sitchensis cds.psi.csv.gz (3.93 MB) proteome.psi.csv.gz (2.64 MB) Not Available
Pinus pinaster cds.ppi.csv.gz (13.42 MB) proteome.ppi.csv.gz (9.13 MB) Not Available
Pinus sylvestris cds.psy.csv.gz (8.42 MB) proteome.psy.csv.gz (5.72 MB) Not Available
Pinus taeda cds.pta.csv.gz (16.74 MB) proteome.pta.csv.gz (11.31 MB) Not Available
Populus trichocarpa cds.ptr.csv.gz (12.68 MB) proteome.ptr.csv.gz (8.43 MB) Not Available
Pseudotsuga menziesii cds.pme.csv.gz (17.41 MB) proteome.pme.csv.gz (11.90 MB) Not Available
Taxus baccata cds.tba.csv.gz (5.19 MB) proteome.tba.csv.gz (3.57 MB) Not Available
All species Not Available Not Available Not Available

Data type Gene families (HOM) Sub families (ORTH)
genefamily_datagenefamily_data.hom.csv.gz (3.86 MB)genefamily_data.orth.csv.gz (4.82 MB)
genefamily_enrichmentgenefamily_enrichment.hom.csv.gz (75.00 B)genefamily_enrichment.orth.csv.gz (76.00 B)

Orthology type Description Data file
BHIF Orthologs detected through best-BLAST hits integrative_orthology.BHIF.csv.gz (51.13 MB)
ORTHO Orthologs detected through OrthoMCL clustering integrative_orthology.ORTHO.csv.gz (31.01 MB)
TROG Orthologs detected through phylogenetic trees integrative_orthology.TROG.csv.gz (38.35 MB)