Gene Family Finder  

Tool to identify (expanded) gene families specific to one or more species.

Find species/clade-specific gene families

Picea glauca    
Picea abies    
Picea sitchensis    
Pinus pinaster    
Pinus sylvestris    
Pinus taeda    
Pseudotsuga menziesii    
Gnetum montanum    
Taxus baccata    
Cycas micholitzii    
Ginkgo biloba    
Populus trichocarpa    
Arabidopsis thaliana    
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica    
Amborella trichopoda    
Physcomitrella patens    


Minimum gene family size

Maximum gene family size

Clade selection

Find species/clade-enriched gene families


Minimum expansion ratio of the species within the gene family (compared to proteome set)

Minimal gene count of the gene family

Maximum gene count of the gene family