Oryza sativa ssp. japonica

The rice genome was sequenced because of it's major importance in the world food industry and it's relatively small genome size. Since the first sequenced plant genome (Arabidopsis thalia) was a dicotylous plant it made sense to sequence a monocot next to have a broad taxonomix sampling. Unlike many of the recently sequenced genomes the sequencing has been done using a BAC-by-BAC approach a very costly a labour intensive procedure. But this yields a very high quality genome that can be assembled into chromosomes.

The map-based sequence of the rice genome.Nature 436, 793-800 (2005).

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Source MSU RGAP 7
PLAZA identifier osa
NCBI link Oryza sativa ssp. japonica
Mitochondrion DQ167400
Chloroplast X15901


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Gene Transcript Start Stop Strand Chr Type Gene family
OS01G01010OS01G01010.1344910297+1coding HOM03D000714
OS01G01019OS01G01019.11179812317+1codingorphan gene
OS01G01030OS01G01030.11277415359+1coding HOM03D000193
OS01G01040OS01G01040.11659919593+1coding HOM03D006707
OS01G01050OS01G01050.12323226391+1coding HOM03D007340
OS01G01060OS01G01060.12722128419+1coding HOM03D001873
OS01G01070OS01G01070.12994034124+1coding HOM03D001026
OS01G01080OS01G01080.13574341007+1coding HOM03D005540
OS01G01110OS01G01110.15715757972+1coding HOM03D000006
OS01G01115OS01G01115.15865861090+1coding HOM03D000001
OS01G01120OS01G01120.16210463345+1coding HOM03D002631
OS01G01130OS01G01130.16367065950-1coding HOM03D006468
OS01G01140OS01G01140.16967570131+1coding HOM03D004530
OS01G01150OS01G01150.17290377008+1coding HOM03D005163
OS01G01160OS01G01160.18250783864+1coding HOM03D000069
OS01G01170OS01G01170.18537988583+1coding HOM03D006362
OS01G01180OS01G01180.18898689204-1coding HOM03D000454
OS01G01190OS01G01190.18982591468-1coding HOM03D000905