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ABRE (ABA responsive element) in rice RGA1 encoding a G protein alpha subunit;ABRE; ABA and water-stress responses; Found in maize rab28; maize rab28 is ABA-inducible in embryos and vegetative tissues; Found in the Arabidopsis (A.t.) alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh) gene promoter; ABRE2; Found in the maize (Z.m.) Cat1 gene promoter; Responsible for the induction by ABA; Binding site of CBF2; Arabidopsis CBF1 overexpression induces COR genes and enhances freezing tolerance; The CBF genes do not appear to be autoregulated through the CRT/DRE sequence;The cis-regulatory element CCACGTGG is involved in ABA and water-stress responses of the maize gene rab28. Characterization of a maize G-box binding factor that is induced by hypoxia
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Associated Transcription Factors

Transcription factor Alias Description Orthologs Associated motifs
AT4G25470C-repeat/DRE binding factor 2FREEZING TOLERANCE QTL 4;Q9SYS6View orthologsView associated binding sites
AT4G36730G-box binding factor 1GBF1;P42774View orthologsView associated binding sites
AT2G46270G-box binding factor 3P42776;G-box binding factor 3View orthologsView associated binding sites
AT4G01120G-box binding factor 2ATBZIP54;P42775View orthologsView associated binding sites

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gene_id species strand chr type
GM00G00840 gma + scaffold_41 coding
GM00G01290 gma - scaffold_273 coding
GM01G01370 gma - Gm01 coding
GM01G04190 gma + Gm01 coding
GM01G04630 gma + Gm01 coding
GM01G05170 gma + Gm01 coding
GM01G05220 gma - Gm01 coding
GM01G09040 gma + Gm01 coding
GM01G42200 gma - Gm01 coding
GM01G44491 gma - Gm01 coding
GM02G02070 gma - Gm02 coding
GM02G02300 gma + Gm02 coding
GM02G02330 gma - Gm02 coding
GM02G03530 gma - Gm02 coding
GM02G16260 gma - Gm02 coding
GM02G39320 gma - Gm02 coding
GM02G40750 gma - Gm02 coding
GM02G41620 gma + Gm02 coding
GM02G41700 gma - Gm02 coding
GM02G45000 gma - Gm02 coding

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