logo Easy Promoter Prediction Program (EP3)


Web start application

The Webstart application is the fastest way to start using EP3. This will launch EP3 as a Java Webstart application.


You need Java 1.5+ installed on your computer. Java is probably already installed, but if this is not the case you can download it from the Java homepage.

Stand-alone application

Download GUI (if a garbled page loads, right-click and select save-as)

If you want a personal copy of EP3 on your computer with the graphical user interface, you can download it here.

Extract the zip file of the download.

Once downloaded and extracted, you can start the program by either double clicking the jar-file, or by issuing the command 'java -jar ep3-1.10.jar' on the commandline

Sample data

All the data files you can download here are compressed: you will need to extract the files before you can use them.

Human chromosome 21


Mouse chromosome 3



This software is licensed free for academic use. This license is strictly limited to the usage of the software. It is not permitted to distribute, modify, reverse engineer, embed, republish or otherwise handle the software besides using it for its intended purpose. Researchers are encouraged to cite the accompanying paper.

For any other use (commercial, non-academic, source code, modifications, etc.), please contact the authors.