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News regarding the development of EP3

EP3 version 1.7 released - 2008/06/30

We improved the GUI of EP3 with several new features. EP3 can now read directly from GZIP files. Several precalculated models are available for several animals and plants. If your preferred organism is not included, please let us know and we will include it. Also an option to output all values has been added.

Version 1.6 released - 2008/04/18

We provide an updated version of the EP3 program. This version allows you to ignore repeat-masked sequences (lower-case). Furthermore we also started integrating precalculated models for a number of species. This will allow you to predict promoters on just a small sequence, while not providing the whole genome.

Paper accepted! - 2007/11/15

We are proud to announce that the paper describing EP3 has been accepted in Genome Research

We have updated the site and added some minor tweaks to the EP3 tool. These are visual changes only and do not in any way affect the working of the algorithm.

Online part 2 - 2007/08/12

The site is made available for public use.

Online - 2007/07/05

The site and tool are up and running for internal testing.


Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

The initial version of the software