TRAPID is an online tool for the fast, reliable and user-friendly analysis of de novo transcriptomes.

Through a highly optimized processing pipeline the TRAPID system offers functional and comparative analyses for transcriptome data sets. TRAPID is highly competitive with respect to other existing solutions with regards to both speed and quality.

TRAPID features

TRAPID 2.0 currently offers the following features:

  • Allow each user to have up to 20 different working sets, each allowing up to a 200,000 putative transcripts
  • Allow the user to select a reference database of choice; currently >2,000 genomes are available through PLAZA and EggNOG version 4.5
  • Homology-supported ORF finding supporting non-canonical genetic codes
  • Infer taxonomic classification of transcript sequences
  • Identify and annotate potential non-coding RNAs
  • Assign each transcript to a reference gene family or orthologous group.
  • Transfer functional annotation based on homology/orthology information for each transcript
  • Perform gene family-based analyses such as multiple sequence alignments and phylogenetic tree construction
  • Perform functional enrichment analysis of subsets
  • Extensive editing and export capabilities
  • Free of charge for academic use

More information about these features and a comprehensive overview of the TRAPID capabilities can be found in the documentation.

2023-09-15: Minor improvements: experiment deletion is now asynchronous and statistics PDF export faster.

2023-09-13: fixed an issue causing inexact 'transcript with GO/protein domain' values to be displayed in 'general statistics' in some cases.

2022-11-26: A planned maintenance will occur next Thursday, the 1st of December, at 3:30PM UTC. TRAPID will be offline during this process.

2022-11-26: fixed MSAviewer loading bug.

2022-10-25: fixed a configuration issue causing recent EggNOG experiments to be unable to complete.

2021-05-21: Next Tuesday, the 25th of May, TRAPID will be offline during the day for maintenance.

2021-05-05: fixed a bug causing some protein sequence export files to be truncated (due to transcripts having no predicted ORF sequence).

2021-04-22: fixed a bug that was causing an incorrect number of transcripts to be selected when creating subsets from the taxonomic classification visualizations, and some full taxon paths to not be printed in exported files.

2021-03-23: a new reference database is available, PLAZA diatoms 1.0!