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(Group member since 2002)

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Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
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I first came into contact with bioinformatics during my Master-thesis, entitled "In silico detection of cis-acting regulatory elements through phylogenetic footprinting of plant promoters". The main aim of this project was to test the applicability of the phylogenetic footprinting approach on plants and so I needed sets of orthologous genes (in their genomic context) from as much plant-species as possible. Back then only the genome sequence of Arabidopsis was available (and annotated) and a limited amount of genomic BAC-sequences of other plants (mostly non-annotated), so the first part of the thesis mainly consisted of annotating 'putative' othologous genes in other plant-species. Doing so I soon realized that a good (structural) gene-annotation is one of the cornerstones of bioinformatics and that gene-prediction could only become more important as more and more genomes become available. Thatâ¬"s briefly the background of the bioinformatics research-topics I focus on in my PhD studies: genome-annotation and comparative & evolutionary genomics.

Genome annotation

While in the beginning I talked about gene-prediction I now prefer to call it genome annotation, this is because I switched from (manually) annotation a few genes to applying sophisticated programs to predict all genes in whole genome sequence. Moreover it is more and more becoming 'genome-annotation' because we not longer focus solely on the protein-coding genes in a genome but also on other biological relevant features (transposable elements, RNA-genes, cis-acting promoter elements,⬦) that are present in genome sequences. If I had to describe what I mean with genome-annotation in 1 sentence it would sound something like "finding the biological relevant features in a genomic sequence in a high-throughput manner". For more information on which genomes I'm currently working I would like to point you to the genome-projects section on our group-website. From the number of genome projects we are involved in it's clear that it is my colleagues and my mission to evolve towards a center of excellence in gene and genome annotation.

Comparative & evolutionary genomics

The other main research topic of my PhD is, to me, a logical consequence of the previous one. An annotated whole genome sequence is the starting point of a wealth of other bioinformatics analyses especially when genome sequences from more and more species are becoming available. That's way I developed a more than average interest in understanding how evolution shaped and/or shapes genomes of different species. I try to achieve this by looking for large-scale duplication events in genome sequences and by analyzing the collinearity between different genomes. I believe that comparative genomics is an ideal way to start to tackle these important questions.

In general I consider myself a true 'genomics'-man, with an interest in lots of things as long as they are genome-wide and preferably high-throughput.

Besides the purely scientific topics I also like to develop programs and tools that can be applied in the field of genome-annotation (eg programs/pipelines to detect biological features in a genome) or comparative genomics (eg. visualization tools to represent the results of comparative studies)


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