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Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_109GBF3Not availableUpstream-688
Matrix_144AT5G08330;AT5G23280Not availableUpstream-842
Matrix_192FHY3/FAR1Not availableUpstream-690
Matrix_196TCP20;AT5G41030Not availableUpstream-1465
Matrix_217BES1A brassinosteroid transcriptional network revealed by genome-wide identification of BESI target genes in Arabidopsis thalianaUpstream-690
Matrix_229CDC5A cdc5+ homolog of a higher plant, Arabidopsis thalianaUpstream-794
Matrix_232TCP23Not availableUpstream-842
Matrix_278AtbZIP44Not availableUpstream-688
Matrix_281TCP13Not availableUpstream-841
Matrix_294MEE35Not availableUpstream-841
Matrix_296GBF2Not availableUpstream-687
Matrix_297TCP15Not availableUpstream-840
Matrix_300bZIP68;bZIP16Not availableUpstream-687
Matrix_331GBF1Not availableUpstream-688
Matrix_348AT5G51910Not availableUpstream-844
Matrix_41anac058Not availableDownstream9501
Matrix_420ANAC58Not availableDownstream9500
Matrix_438AtbZIP63Not availableUpstream-687
Matrix_44CUC3;anac046;NAC3;ANAC087;ATNAC6;CUC2Not availableDownstream9501
Matrix_440LFYNot availableDownstream9504
Matrix_456bZIP60Not availableUpstream-687
Matrix_496ATMYB15Not availableUpstream-1499
Matrix_507TCP3Not availableUpstream-842
Matrix_517ERF12Not availableUpstream-561
Matrix_56BZIP17;BZIP28;BZIP49Not availableUpstream-686
Matrix_82TCP17Not availableUpstream-841
Motif_104CAREOSREP1CAREs (CAACTC regulatory elements) found in the promoter region of a cystein proteinase (REP-1) gene in riceUpstream-680
Motif_139RHERPATEXPA7Right part of RHEs (Root Hair-specific cis-Elements) conserved among the Arabidopsis thaliana A7 (AtEXPA7) orthologous (and paralogous) genes from diverse angiosperm species with different hair distribution patternsUpstream-631
Motif_16-300ELEMENTPresent upstream of the promoter from the B-hordein gene of barley and the alpha-gliadin, gamma-gliadin, and low molecular weight glutenin genes of wheat; See S000001 -300CORE; See S000002 -300MOTIFUpstream-756
Motif_182MYB2CONSENSUSATMYB recognition site found in the promoters of the dehydration-responsive gene rd22 and many other genes in Arabidopsis; see MYB2 and MYBATRD22Upstream-672
Motif_221MYBCOREBinding site for all animal MYB and at least two plant MYB proteins ATMYB1 and ATMYB2, both isolated from Arabidopsis; ATMYB2 is involved in regulation of genes that are responsive to water stress in Arabidopsis; A petunia MYB protein (MYB.Ph3) is involved in regulation of flavonoid biosynthesisUpstream-672
Motif_235C8GCARGATBinding site of plant MADS-domain protein AGL15; CArG motif with a longer A/T-rich core;A variant of CArG motif, with a longer A/T-rich core; Binding site for AGL15 (AGAMOUS-like 15)Upstream-1287
Motif_244ABRE-like binding site motifNot availableUpstream-687
Motif_297Bellringer/replumless/pennywise BS1 IN AGRepression of AGAMOUS by BELLRINGER in Floral and Inflorescence MeristemsUpstream-1286
Motif_309GATA promoter motifArabidopsis thaliana GATA factors: organisation, expression and DNA-binding characteristicsUpstream-325
Motif_317GAREATGARE (GA-responsive element); Occurrence of GARE in GA-inducible, GA-responsible, and GA-nonresponsive genes found in Arabidopsis seed germination was 20, 18, and 12%, respectivelyUpstream-710
Motif_321TATABOX5TATA box; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of pea (Pisum sativum) glutamine synthetase gene; a functional TATA element by in vivo analysisUpstream-713
Motif_336MYBMOUSEBinding site for mouse c-myb proteinUpstream-672
Motif_339ABRE-like binding site motifMolecular responses to dehydration and low temperatureUpstream-685
Motif_342POLASIG1PolyA signal; poly A signal found in legA gene of pea, rice alpha-amylase; -10 to -30 in the case of animal genes. Near upstream elements (NUE) in ArabidopsisUpstream-623
Motif_346SND1;VND6;VND7;NST1;NST2Global analysis of direct targets of secondary wall NAC master switches in ArabidopsisUpstream-315
Motif_357NTBBF1ARROLBNtBBF1(Dof protein from tobacco) binding site in Agrobacterium rhizogenes rolB gene; Found in regulatory domain B (-341 to -306); Required for tissue-specific expression and auxin inductionUpstream-756
Motif_375ERELEE4ERE (ethylene responsive element) of tomato E4 and carnation GST1 genes; GST1 is related to senescence; Found in the 5'-LTR region of TLC1.1 retrotransposon family in Lycopersicon chilense; ERE motifs mediate ethylene-induced activation of the U3 promoter regionUpstream-1291
Motif_391REALPHALGLHCB21REalpha found in Lemna gibba Lhcb21 gene promoter; Located at -134 to -129; Binding site of proteins of whole-cell extracts; The DNA binding activity is high in etiolated plants but much lower in green plants; Required for phytochrome regulationDownstream9482
Motif_399UPRMOTIFIATMotif I in the conserved UPR (unfolded protein response) cis-acting element in Arabidopsis genes coding for SAR1B, HSP-90, SBR-like, Ca-ATPase 4, CNX1, PDI, etc.Upstream-686
Motif_437ANAERO2CONSENSUSOne of 16 motifs found in silico in promoters of 13 anaerobic genes involved in the fermentative pathway (anaerobic set 1)Downstream9513
Motif_440TGA1 binding site motifHex motif; Binding site of Arabidopsis bZIP protein TGA1 and G box binding factor GBF1; TGA1 and members of the GBF family differ in their DNA binding properties; G-Box-like element;TGA1 and G-box binding factors: two distinct classes of Arabidopsis leucine zipper proteins compete for the G-box-like element TGACGTGGUpstream-686
Motif_450E2FCONSENSUSE2F consensus sequence of all different E2F-DP-binding motifs that were experimentally verified in plantsUpstream-787
Motif_453HEXMOTIFTAH3H4hexamer motif found in promoter of wheat histone genes H3 and H4; CaMV35S; NOS; Binding with HBP-1A and HBP-1B; Binding site of wheat nuclear protein HBP-1 (histone DNA binding protein-1); HBP-1 has a leucine zipper motif; hexamer motif in type 1 element may play important roles in regulation of replication- dependent but not of replication-independent expression of the wheat histone H3 gene;Rice OBF1-homodimer-binding siteUpstream-684
Motif_48BES1A brassinosteroid transcriptional network revealed by genome-wide identification of BESI target genes in Arabidopsis thalianaUpstream-630
Motif_503EECCRCAH1EEC; Consensus motif of the two enhancer elements, EE-1 and EE-2, both found in the promoter region of the Chlamydomonas Cah1 (encoding a periplasmic carbonic anhydrase); Binding site of Myb transcription factor LCR1Upstream-649
Motif_530CPBCSPORThe sequence critical for Cytokinin-enhanced Protein Binding in vitro, found in -490 to -340 of the promoter of the cucumber POR (NADPH-protochlorophyllide reductase) geneUpstream-310
Motif_558BOXIIPCCHSCore of Box II/G box found in the parsley chs genes; Essential for light regulationUpstream-687
Motif_562-300CORETGTAAAG core motif in -300 elements of alpha-zein genes of maize; -300 element core; prolamin box; P-box; Binds with P-box binding factor (PBF); Binds with BPBF (Barley PBF); PBF is a DNA-binding protein of the DOF class of transcription factorsUpstream-755
Motif_57ABREOSRAB21ABA responsive element (ABRE) of wheat Em and rice rab21 genes; Proposed consensus sequence for the repeated motif (Em1a and Em1b) of wheat Em geneUpstream-631
Motif_570POLASIG2PolyA signal; poly A signal found in rice alpha-amylase; -10 to -30 in the case of animal genesUpstream-1285
Motif_576TGACGTVMAMYTGACGT motif found in the Vigna mungo alpha-Amylase (Amy) gene promoter; Located between -128 and -123; Required for high level expression of alpha-Amylase in the cotyledons of the germinated seedsUpstream-684
Motif_604EMHVCHORDEndosperm motif (EM) found in the promoter of barley c-hordein gene; Involved in the nitrogen response of c-hordein promoterUpstream-756
Motif_615MARTBOXT-Box; Motif found in SAR (scaffold attachment region; or matrix attachment region, MAR)Upstream-20
Motif_626ACGTTBOXT-box according to the nomenclature of ACGT elements; One of ACGT elements; See also ACGTABOX,ACGTCBOX, and CACGTGMOTIFUpstream-749
Motif_627ACGTABREMOTIFA2OSEMExperimentally determined sequence requirement of ACGT-core of motif A in ABRE of the rice gene, OSEM; DRE and ABRE are interdependent in the ABA-responsive expression of the rd29A in ArabidopsisUpstream-687
Motif_641LRENPCABELRE; A positive light regulatory element in tobacco CAB (cab-E) gene; Located at -241Upstream-688
Motif_65BS1EGCCRBS1 (binding site 1) found in E. gunnii Cinnamoyl-CoA reductase (CCR) gene promoter; nuclear protein binding site; Required for vascular expressionUpstream-789
Motif_652AUXRETGA2GMGH3TGA-box #2 in putative auxin-resonsive element (AUXRE) E1 of soybean GH3 promoter; Strong binding site for proteins in plant nuclear extracts; Hex-like element; E1 element=-249 to -203; E2 element=-241 to -224Upstream-687
Motif_683AtMYB2 BS in RD22Binding site for MYB (ATMYB2) in dehydration-responsive gene, rd22; MYB binding site in rd22 gene of Arabidopsis thaliana; ABA-induction; Located at ca. -141 of rd22 gene; Also MYC at ca. -200 of rd22 gene; Role of Arabidopsis MYC and MYB homologs in drought- and abscisic acid-regulated gene expressionUpstream-1489
Motif_69CTRMCAMV35SCT-rich motif (inverted GAGA) found in a 60-nucleotide region (S1) downstream of the transcription start site of the CaMV 35S RNA; Can enhance gene expression; Inverted GAGAUpstream-242