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Binding siteNameDescriptionLocationPosition
Matrix_67GLK1Not availableDownstream3859
Motif_125BOXIINTPATPBBox II found in the tobacco plastid atpB gene promoter; Conserved in several NCII (nonconsensus type II) promoters of plastid genes; Important for the activity of this NCII promoterDownstream3837
Motif_658GT1CONSENSUSConsensus GT-1 binding site in many light-regulated genes, e.g., RBCS from many species, PHYA from oat and rice, spinach RCA and PETA, and bean CHS15; GT-1 can stabilize the TFIIA-TBP-DNA (TATA box) complex; The activation mechanism of GT-1 may be achieved through direct interaction between TFIIA and GT-1; Binding of GT-1-like factors to the PR-1a promoter influences the level of SA-inducible gene expressionDownstream3834
Motif_76SURE1STPAT21Sucrose Responsive Element (SURE); A motif conserved among genes regulated by sucrose; See also SURE2STPAT21; Found between -184 and -156 bp in the patatin (a major tuber protein) gene promoter of potatoDownstream3835