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ACEAtCHS (ACGT containing element) found in the LRU (light-responsive unit) in Arabidopsis chalcone synthase (CHS) gene promoter; Required for UV-B and UV-1/blue light responsiveness; Transcriptional repression by AtMYB4 controls production of UV-protecting sun screens in Arabidopsis; AtMYB4 mutant shows enhanced levels of sinapate ester in leaves and tolerance of UV-B irradiation; AtMYB4 expression is downregulated by exposure to UV-B light; Identification of UV/blue light-response elements in the Arabidopsis thaliana chalcone synthase promoter using a homologous protoplast transient expression system
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MapMan Description #Associated genes ath bra cme egr gma ptr ppe sly stu vvi
26misc6 (17.65%)1000121001
26.2misc.UDP glucosyl and glucoronyl transferases3 (8.82%)1000110000
26.22misc.short chain dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR)3 (8.82%)0000011001
27RNA3 (8.82%)0000012000
27.3RNA.regulation of transcription3 (8.82%)0000012000
29protein3 (8.82%)0000011100
27.3.25RNA.regulation of transcription.MYB domain transcription factor family2 (5.88%)0000002000
29.4protein.postranslational modification2 (5.88%)0000011000
33development2 (5.88%)0000020000
1PS1 (2.94%)0000010000
1.1PS.lightreaction1 (2.94%)0000010000
1.1.30PS.lightreaction.state transition1 (2.94%)0000010000
16secondary metabolism1 (2.94%)1000000000
16.8secondary metabolism.flavonoids1 (2.94%)1000000000
16.8.2secondary metabolism.flavonoids.chalcones1 (2.94%)1000000000 metabolism.flavonoids.chalcones.naringenin-chalcone synthase1 (2.94%)1000000000
27.3.20RNA.regulation of transcription.G2-like transcription factor family, GARP1 (2.94%)0000010000
28DNA1 (2.94%)0000010000
28.1DNA.synthesis/chromatin structure1 (2.94%)0000010000
29.5protein.degradation1 (2.94%)0000000100
29.5.7protein.degradation.metalloprotease1 (2.94%)0000000100 proteins1 (2.94%)0000010000
33.99development.unspecified1 (2.94%)0000010000
34transport1 (2.94%)0000000001
34.19transport.Major Intrinsic Proteins1 (2.94%)0000000001
34.19.2transport.Major Intrinsic Proteins.TIP1 (2.94%)0000000001