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Binding site
ACEAtCHS (ACGT containing element) found in the LRU (light-responsive unit) in Arabidopsis chalcone synthase (CHS) gene promoter; Required for UV-B and UV-1/blue light responsiveness; Transcriptional repression by AtMYB4 controls production of UV-protecting sun screens in Arabidopsis; AtMYB4 mutant shows enhanced levels of sinapate ester in leaves and tolerance of UV-B irradiation; AtMYB4 expression is downregulated by exposure to UV-B light; Identification of UV/blue light-response elements in the Arabidopsis thaliana chalcone synthase promoter using a homologous protoplast transient expression system
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InterPro Description #Associated genes ath bra cme egr gma ptr ppe sly stu vvi
IPR025486Domain of unknown function DUF43784 (11.76%)0010020001
IPR000719Protein kinase domain4 (11.76%)0000021010
IPR017441Protein kinase, ATP binding site4 (11.76%)0000021010
IPR011009Protein kinase-like domain4 (11.76%)0000021010
IPR002290Serine/threonine- / dual specificity protein kinase, catalytic domain4 (11.76%)0000021010
IPR008630Galactosyl transferase3 (8.82%)1000110000
IPR002347Glucose/ribitol dehydrogenase3 (8.82%)0000011001
IPR009057Homeodomain-like3 (8.82%)0000012000
IPR016040NAD(P)-binding domain3 (8.82%)0000011001
IPR001005SANT/Myb domain3 (8.82%)0000012000
IPR008271Serine/threonine-protein kinase, active site3 (8.82%)0000011010
IPR002198Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase SDR3 (8.82%)0000011001
IPR020904Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase, conserved site3 (8.82%)0000011001
IPR003593AAA+ ATPase domain2 (5.88%)0000000110
IPR003960ATPase, AAA-type, conserved site2 (5.88%)0000000110
IPR003959ATPase, AAA-type, core2 (5.88%)0000000110
IPR003675CAAX amino terminal protease2 (5.88%)0200000000
IPR017930Myb domain2 (5.88%)0000002000
IPR027417P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase2 (5.88%)0000000110
IPR000642Peptidase M412 (5.88%)0000000110
IPR005936Peptidase, FtsH2 (5.88%)0000000110
IPR023271Aquaporin-like1 (2.94%)0000000001
IPR024946Arginine repressor C-terminal-like domain1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR012328Chalcone/stilbene synthase, C-terminal1 (2.94%)1000000000
IPR001099Chalcone/stilbene synthase, N-terminal1 (2.94%)1000000000
IPR018088Chalcone/stilbene synthase, active site1 (2.94%)1000000000
IPR006045Cupin 11 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR001154DNA topoisomerase II, eukaryotic-type1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR001241DNA topoisomerase, type IIA1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR013759DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, central domain1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR018522DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, conserved site1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR013758DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, subunit A/ C-terminal, alpha-beta1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR002205DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, subunit A/C-terminal1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR013506DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, subunit B, domain 21 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR013760DNA topoisomerase, type IIA-like domain1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR021852Domain of unknown function DUF34561 (2.94%)0000000100
IPR003594Histidine kinase-like ATPase, ATP-binding domain1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR000425Major intrinsic protein1 (2.94%)0000000001
IPR022357Major intrinsic protein, conserved site1 (2.94%)0000000001
IPR006447Myb domain, plants1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR003441NAC domain1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR009806Photosystem II PsbW, class 21 (2.94%)0000000010
IPR020568Ribosomal protein S5 domain 2-type fold1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR014721Ribosomal protein S5 domain 2-type fold, subgroup1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR011051RmlC-like cupin domain1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR014710RmlC-like jelly roll fold1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR007608Senescence regulator S401 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR016039Thiolase-like1 (2.94%)1000000000
IPR016038Thiolase-like, subgroup1 (2.94%)1000000000
IPR006171Toprim domain1 (2.94%)0000010000
IPR013757Type IIA DNA topoisomerase subunit A, alpha-helical domain1 (2.94%)0000010000