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Welcome to the European ribosomal RNA database. This database compiles all complete or nearly complete SSU (small subunit) and LSU (large subunit) ribosomal RNA sequences. Sequences are provided in aligned format. The alignment takes into account the secondary structure information derived by comparative sequence analysis of thousands of sequences. Additional information such as literature references, taxonomy, secondary structure modles and nucleotide variability maps, is also available.

The database was founded in the research group of Professor De Wachter at the university of Antwerp (BELGIUM) in 1984. Since 2002, the database is maintained at the university of Gent (BELGIUM) in the research group of Professor Van de Peer.

The database is maintained by Jan Wuyts and .

Database no longer updated
Posted by Kenny on Tue February 12 2008

In order to strengthen Europe in the field of ribosomal RNA technology, a link to the SILVA databases is provided. These are comprehensive, quality checked, small- and large subunit ribosomal RNA databases which are regularly updated.

Database no longer updated
Posted by Jan on Tue May 15 2007

This database was initiated more than 20 years ago in the research group of professor Rupert De Wachter. Over the years, this database has grown to a very large set of manually curated rRNA alignments. When building these alignments, both primary and secondary structure have been taken into account as much as possible. Currently, all people involved have moved to other projects so we will not be updating the database.

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