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  • TAIR10: AT1G1362
  • Rice IRGSP1.0: Os02t0190700-00
  • Poplar: Potri.001G122600
  • Maize: GRMZM2G022255
  • Soybean: Glyma04g39556
  • Note: most species use the Phytozome ID

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Reference: Ghorbani, S., Lin, Y.-C. Parizot B., Fernandez A., Njo MF., Van de Peer Y., Beeckman T., Hilson P. Expanding the Repertoire of Secretory Peptides Controlling Root Development with Comparative Genome Analysis and Functional Assays. J. Exp. Bot. (2015) 66 (17): 5257-5269. PMID: 26195730

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