ProNet is a tool to search a module network inferred with the LeMoNe algorithm using prostate cancer expression data. The module network is composed of clusters of co-expressed genes associated with a prioritized list of regulators. The regulators can be transcription factors, signal transducers, microRNAs and a clinical parameter, the Gleason grade. You can search for a gene of interest by his Illumina gene code, common gene name (HUGO symbol), gene description. You can also search by module number. Each search will return a list of modules where the search term was found. You can click on the module name to have a detailed list of the module genes and regulators.

Bonnet, E., Michoel, T., Van de Peer, Y. (2010) Prediction of a regulatory network linked to prostate cancer from gene expression, microRNA and clinical data. Bioinformatics 26(18):i638-44.



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