TREECON is a software package developed primarily for the construction and drawing of phylogenetic trees on the basis of evolutionary distances inferred from nucleic and amino acid sequences. The evolutionary distance is computed for all pairs of organisms (or sequences) and a phylogenetic tree is inferred by considering the relationship between these distance values. In pairwise distance methods, the dissimilarity (fraction of substitutions) is usually converted into evolutionary distance by correcting for multiple mutations. The most frequently used equations to convert dissimilarities into distances are implemented in TREECON. On the basis of these distances, a phylogenetic tree can be inferred. Different algorithms are available to construct a phylogenetic tree and a few of them are implemented in TREECON. Programs for rooting the unrooted evolutionary trees, for drawing the tree on the screen, and for saving the tree are also included, as well as several other tools. Starting from a simple ASCII text file, containing nucleic acid or amino acid sequences with gaps required for mutual alignment, one can produce publishable trees in a user-friendly and straightforward way.

TREECON for Windows has a standard MS-Windows interface including pulldown and pop-up menus, dialog boxes and scrollable lists. It is therefore assumed that users are familiar with the basic interface elements of MS-Windows. The program runs on IBM-compatible computers and requires the Microsoft Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT or Windows XP operating system. The software package consists of several executables which are managed through a principal menu. As dynamic memory allocation is used throughout the program, the size of the data is constrained only by the available memory.

TREECON will NOT install on Windows 7. See the user manual for possible workarounds.

TREECONW is distributed as a 'zipped' file. Therefore, after downloading, the file '' should be unzipped. The program to unzip zipped files can be found at winzip. When the program is unzipped, a file called 'setup.exe' should be executed. Installation then proceeds automatically. Good luck, and do not hesitate to contact me if problems are encountered installing or running the program. Although registration is not necessary, it would be nice if you let me know that you have downloaded the program.

Note: On some operating systems, it is not possible, for reasons unknown, to copy the tree to the clipboard. In this case, please replace the old 'draww.exe' by this one.

Treecon is free for academic use, please contact the author for any other use.

Download Treecon - Download user manual (HTML) - Online user manual

Van de Peer, Y., De Wachter, Y. (1994) TREECON for Windows: a software package for the construction and drawing of evolutionary trees for the Microsoft Windows environment. Comput. Applic. Biosci. 10(5):569-70.



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