It's time for some "site"-seeing: novel tools to monitor the ubiquitin landscape in Arabidopsis thaliana

Ubiquitination, the covalent binding of the small protein modifier ubiquitin to a target protein, is an important and frequently studied postranslation protein modification. Multiple reports provide useful insights into the plant 'ubiquitinome', but mostly at the protein level without comprehensive site identification. Here, we implemented a relatively new technology, ubiquitin combined fractional diagonal chromatography (COFRADIC), for proteome-wide ubiquitination site mapping on Arabidopsis thaliana cell cultures. We identified 3,009 sites on 1,607 proteins, thereby greatly increasing the number of known ubiquitination sites in this model plant. Finally, the Ubiquitination Site tool provided gives access to the obtained ubiquitination sites, not only to consult the ubiquitination status of a given protein, but also to conduct intricate experiments aiming to study the roles of specific ubiquitination events. Together with the antibodies recognizing the ubiquitin remnant motif, ubiquitin COFRADIC represents a powerful tool to resolve the ubiquitination maps of numerous cellular processes in plants.

Walton, A., Stes, E., Cybulski, N., Van Bel, M., Iñigo, S., Nagels Durand, A., Timmerman, D., Heyman, J., Pauwels, L., De Veylder, L., Goossens, A., De Smet, I., Coppens, F., Goormachtig, S., Gevaert, O. (2015) It's time for some "site"-seeing: novel tools to monitor the ubiquitin landscape in Arabidopsis thaliana. The Plant Cell 28(1):6-16.

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