CyEVEX: Literature-scale network integration and visualization through Cytoscape

EVEX is a literature-scale event extraction resource, publicly available via a web application and as a relational database. In this paper we present CyEVEX, a plug-in whichintegrates EVEX with the widely used Cytoscape network analysis platform, making the text mining data readily available for integration with experimental data sources and subsequent biological analysis. CyEVEX can populate existing networks with edges corresponding to EVEX events, as well as add new nodes to the network, revealing novel interestinggenes and proteins and their relationships within the existing network.

Hakala, K., Van Landeghem, S., Kaewphan, S., Salakoski, T., Van de Peer, Y., Ginter, F. (2012) CyEVEX: Literature-scale network integration and visualization through Cytoscape. Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Semantic Mining in Biomedicine (SMBM) p. 91-96.

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