A Scalable Hardware Accelerator for Comparing Protein Sequences..

Comparing genetic sequences is a well-known problem in bio-informatics. Newly discovered sequences are being compared to known sequences stored in databases in order to investigate biological functions. In recent years the number of available sequences has increased exponentially. Because of this explosion a speedup in the comparison process is highly required. To meet this demand we implemented a dynamic programming algorithm for sequence alignment on reconfigurable hardware. The algorithm we implemented, Smith-Waterman-Gotoh (SWG) has not been implemented in hardware before. We show a speedup factor of 40 in a design that scales well with the size of the available hardware. We also demonstrate the limits of larger hardware for small problems, and project our design on the largest FPGA available today.

Faes, P., Minnaert, B., Christiaens, M., Bonnet, E., Saeys, Y., Stroobandt, D., Van de Peer, Y. (2006) A Scalable Hardware Accelerator for Comparing Protein Sequences.. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Scalable Information Systems. Hong Kong, April 2006, on CD..

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