Sebastian Proost

(Group member from 2007 until 2014)

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VIB / Ghent University
Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Technologiepark 927
B-9052 Gent


  • 2003-2005: Bachelor in Biology, Hasselt University, Belgium
  • 2005-2007: Master in Biotechnology, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Master thesis: "Genome wide prediction of protein-protein interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana"
  • 2007-2012: PhD Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics, Ghent University/VIB


Now the number of sequenced plant genomes is rising it's possible to start working on comparing several genomes. This can lead to novel insights in evolution and mechanisms of speciation. To be able to browse these large amounts of comparative genomics data several visualizations will have to be developed and grouped into an online accessible platform.

Besides working on this platform I'm also studying whether or not gene loss after duplication has contributed to the speciation of cereals. (Reciprocal gene loss)


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Bioinformatics & Evolutionary Genomics
Technologiepark 927
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