Bathycoccus prasinos

Taxonomy: Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Chlorophyta; Prasinophyceae; Mamiellales


Bathycoccus is a tiny single-cell coccoid prasinophycean. The prasinophyceae are marine flagellates that form the pico-plankton. Bathycoccus however is one of the few species that seems to lack a flagellate stage in his life-cycle.
Bathycoccus has about the same size as a bacterium and is very common in the northern Atlantic Ocean. The cells are covered by delicate overlapping scales, which have a spider 's-web structure and are formed within vesicles (probably Golgi vesicles). The organelles are tightly packed within the cell.



Moreau, H., Verhelst, B., Couloux, A., Derelle, E., Rombauts, S., Grimsley, N., Van Bel, M., Poulain, J., Katinka, M., Hohmann-Marriott, M., Piganeau, G., Rouzé, P., Da Silva, C., Wincker, P., Van de Peer, Y., Vandepoele, K. (2012) Gene functionalities and genome structure in Bathycoccus prasinos reflect cellular specializations at the base of the green lineage . Genome Biol. 13, R74.

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