Gene: (Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki)

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Gene Identifier
Transcript Identifier
Gene Type
Coding gene
Zjn_sc00037.1 : 302879-310501 : positive


Gene family
(182 genes in 28 species)
specific family
Duplication type
Block duplicate


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Biological Process

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0051512 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologypositive regulation of unidimensional cell growthAT4G32551
GO:2000024 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyregulation of leaf developmentAT4G32551
GO:0009617 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to bacteriumAT4G32551
GO:0009624 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to nematodeAT4G32551
GO:0009944 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologypolarity specification of adaxial/abaxial axisAT4G32551
GO:0006974 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologycellular response to DNA damage stimulusAT4G32551
GO:0009620 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to fungusAT4G32551
GO:0045995 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyregulation of embryonic developmentAT4G32551
GO:0080001 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologymucilage extrusion from seed coatAT4G32551
GO:0010073 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologymeristem maintenanceAT4G32551
GO:1902183 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyregulation of shoot apical meristem developmentAT4G32551
GO:0010393 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologygalacturonan metabolic processAT4G32551
GO:0010272 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to silver ionAT4G32551
GO:0071217 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologycellular response to external biotic stimulusAT4G32551
GO:0009908 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyflower developmentAT4G32551
GO:0009909 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyregulation of flower developmentAT4G32551
GO:0045892 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologynegative regulation of transcription, DNA-templatedAT4G32551
GO:0001666 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to hypoxiaAT4G32551
GO:0006979 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to oxidative stressAT4G32551
GO:0009733 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to auxinAT4G32551
GO:0009414 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to water deprivationAT4G32551
GO:0048359 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologymucilage metabolic process involved in seed coat developmentAT4G32551
GO:0046898 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to cycloheximideAT4G32551
GO:0009611 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to woundingAT4G32551
GO:1902074 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to saltAT4G32551

Molecular Function

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0005515 IEAInterProprotein binding
GO:0046982 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyprotein heterodimerization activityAT4G32551

Cellular Component

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0005634 IEAPLAZA Integrative OrthologynucleusAT4G32551

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InterPro Description
IPR015943WD40/YVTN repeat-like-containing domain
IPR006594LIS1 homology motif

Mapman id Description biosynthesis.transcriptional regulation.transcriptional repression.transcriptional co-repressor (LUG)
No SignalP domains detected for this gene.