Gene: (Zoysia japonica ssp. nagirizaki)

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Gene Identifier
Transcript Identifier
Gene Type
Coding gene
Zjn_sc00012.1 : 56400-59786 : positive


Gene family
(187 genes in 28 species)
specific family
(6 genes in 4 species)
specific family
Duplication type
Block duplicate


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Biological Process

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0051592 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyresponse to calcium ionAT3G51860
GO:0006874 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologycellular calcium ion homeostasisAT3G51860
GO:0009624 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyresponse to nematodeAT3G51860
GO:0006793 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyphosphorus metabolic processAT3G51860
GO:0055085 IEAPLAZA Homology (enrichment)transmembrane transport
GO:0010351 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologylithium ion transportAT3G51860
GO:0055062 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyphosphate ion homeostasisAT3G51860
GO:0030026 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologycellular manganese ion homeostasisAT3G51860
GO:0006816 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologycalcium ion transportAT2G38170
GO:0006812 IEAPLAZA Homology (enrichment)cation transport
GO:0006814 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologysodium ion transportAT3G51860
GO:0048364 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyroot developmentAT5G01490
GO:0009733 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyresponse to auxinAT5G01490
GO:0009631 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologycold acclimationAT2G38170
GO:0006882 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologycellular zinc ion homeostasisAT3G51860
GO:0009651 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyresponse to salt stressAT2G38170

Molecular Function

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0005515 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyprotein bindingAT3G51860
GO:0015085 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologycalcium ion transmembrane transporter activityAT2G38170
GO:0015368 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologycalcium:cation antiporter activityAT5G01490
GO:0015369 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologycalcium:proton antiporter activityAT3G51860
GO:0015491 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologycation:cation antiporter activityAT5G01490
GO:0008324 IEAPLAZA Homology (enrichment)cation transmembrane transporter activity

Cellular Component

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0016021 IEAPLAZA Homology (enrichment)integral component of membrane
GO:0016020 IEAPLAZA Tree-based OrthologymembraneAT2G38170
GO:0009705 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyplant-type vacuole membraneAT3G51860
GO:0005773 IEAPLAZA Tree-based OrthologyvacuoleAT3G51860
GO:0005774 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyvacuolar membraneAT3G51860

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