Gene: AT4G16250 (Arabidopsis thaliana)

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Coding gene
Chr4 : 9195602-9199486 : negative


Gene family
(122 genes in 27 species)
specific family
(103 genes in 27 species)
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phytochrome D
Curated Summary
Encodes a phytochrome photoreceptor with a function similar to that of phyB that absorbs the red/far-red part of the light spectrum and is involved in light responses. It cannot compensate for phyB loss in Arabidopsis but can substitute for tobacco phyB in vivo.
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Biological Process

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0006355 IEA, ISS, UniProtregulation of transcription, DNA-templated1 2
GO:0007165 IEAInterProsignal transduction
GO:0009584 IEAUniProtdetection of visible light1
GO:0018298 IEAUniProtprotein-chromophore linkage1
GO:0009585 IEAUniProtred, far-red light phototransduction1
GO:0017006 IEAUniProtprotein-tetrapyrrole linkage1
GO:0006351 IEAUniProttranscription, DNA-templated1
GO:0010017 IGIGene Ontologyred or far-red light signaling pathway1
GO:0010201 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyresponse to continuous far red light stimulus by the high-irradiance response systemAT1G09570
GO:0010202 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to low fluence red light stimulusAT2G18790
GO:2000028 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyregulation of photoperiodism, floweringAT2G18790
GO:0031347 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyregulation of defense responseAT2G18790
GO:0010244 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to low fluence blue light stimulus by blue low-fluence systemAT2G18790
GO:0010029 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyregulation of seed germinationAT2G18790
GO:0015979 IEAPLAZA Integrative OrthologyphotosynthesisAT2G18790
GO:0010203 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyresponse to very low fluence red light stimulusAT1G09570
GO:0017012 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyprotein-phytochromobilin linkageAT2G18790
GO:0010148 IEAPLAZA Integrative OrthologytranspirationAT2G18790
GO:0009638 IEAPLAZA Integrative OrthologyphototropismAT2G18790
GO:0009867 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyjasmonic acid mediated signaling pathwayAT2G18790
GO:0009687 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyabscisic acid metabolic processAT2G18790
GO:0000724 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologydouble-strand break repair via homologous recombinationLOC_Os03g54084
GO:0009266 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to temperature stimulusAT2G18790
GO:0009640 IEAPLAZA Integrative OrthologyphotomorphogenesisAT2G18790
GO:0010374 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologystomatal complex developmentAT2G18790
GO:0017148 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologynegative regulation of translationAT1G09570
GO:0010617 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologycircadian regulation of calcium ion oscillationAT2G18790
GO:0010218 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to far red lightAT2G18790
GO:0046685 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyresponse to arsenic-containing substanceAT1G09570
GO:0045892 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologynegative regulation of transcription, DNA-templatedAT2G18790
GO:0009649 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyentrainment of circadian clockAT2G18790
GO:0009409 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyresponse to coldAT2G18790
GO:0006325 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologychromatin organizationAT2G18790
GO:0009630 IEAPLAZA Integrative OrthologygravitropismAT2G18790
GO:0010161 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyred light signaling pathwayAT2G18790
GO:0007131 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyreciprocal meiotic recombinationLOC_Os03g54084

Molecular Function

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0005515 IPI, IEAGene Ontologyprotein binding1
GO:0000155 IEAUniProtphosphorelay sensor kinase activity1
GO:0009881 IEAUniProtphotoreceptor activity1
GO:0042803 IEAUniProtprotein homodimerization activity1
GO:0004871 ISSGene Ontologysignal transducer activity1
GO:0008020 ISSGene OntologyG-protein coupled photoreceptor activity1
GO:0042802 IPIUniProtidentical protein binding1
GO:0009883 IGIGene Ontologyred or far-red light photoreceptor activity1
GO:0004672 IEAPLAZA Tree-based Orthologyprotein kinase activityAT1G09570
GO:0003729 IEAPLAZA Tree-based OrthologymRNA bindingAT1G09570
GO:1990841 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologypromoter-specific chromatin bindingAT2G18790
GO:0031517 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyred light photoreceptor activityAT2G18790
GO:0031516 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologyfar-red light photoreceptor activityAT2G18790
GO:0043565 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologysequence-specific DNA bindingAT2G18790

Cellular Component

GO termEvidence(s)ProviderDescriptionSource
GO:0005634 IDAUniProtnucleus1
GO:0005622 IEAUniProtintracellular
GO:0005737 IEAPLAZA Tree-based OrthologycytoplasmAT1G09570
GO:0005829 IEAPLAZA Integrative OrthologycytosolAT2G18790
GO:0016604 IEAPLAZA Integrative Orthologynuclear bodyAT2G18790

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InterPro Description
IPR000014PAS domain
IPR029016GAF domain-like
IPR003594Histidine kinase-like ATPase, C-terminal domain
IPR013767PAS fold
IPR003018GAF domain
IPR003661Signal transduction histidine kinase, dimerisation/phosphoacceptor domain
IPR013654PAS fold-2
IPR013515Phytochrome, central region
IPR012129Phytochrome A/B/C/D/E
IPR013516Phytochrome chromophore binding site
IPR016132Phytochrome chromophore attachment domain
IPR005467Histidine kinase domain

Mapman id Description stimuli red light.phytochrome photoreceptor (PHY) stimuli response.temperature.sensing and signalling.temperature sensor protein (PHY-B)
No SignalP domains detected for this gene.