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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Sobic.001G381600 sbi
Sobic.001G386400 sbi
Sobic.002G357700 sbi
Sobic.003G131200 sbi
Sobic.006G040500 sbi
Sobic.007G116500 sbi
Sobic.009G000200 sbi
Sobic.010G139500 sbi
Sobic.010G171000 sbi
Mapoly0005s0144 mpo
Mapoly0020s0104 mpo
Mapoly0020s0113 mpo
Mapoly0026s0031 mpo
Mapoly0053s0006 mpo
Mapoly0086s0023 mpo
Mapoly0152s0029 mpo
PEQU_05873 peq
PEQU_05875 peq
PEQU_06182 peq
PEQU_08267 peq

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