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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
LOC_Os03g52570 osa
LOC_Os05g37600 osa
LOC_Os10g27330 osa
EGU0531G0561 egu
EGU1107G0010 egu
EGU2441G2464 egu
EGU2621G0221 egu
EGU2621G1240 egu
Potri.006G097800 ptr
Potri.006G198100 ptr
Potri.008G058200 ptr
Potri.010G201200 ptr
Potri.014G085500 ptr
Potri.016G063900 ptr
Potri.016G113100 ptr
HVU0036G2028 hvu
HVU0038G0639 hvu
HVU0040G0151 hvu
Pp3c20_9340 ppa
Pp3c2_18040 ppa

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