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gene_id species mapman
Oropetium_20150105_15189 oth
Oropetium_20150105_22102 oth
Aco012593 aco
PH01000053G2220 ped
Zm00001d005029 zma
Zm00001d052380 zma zjn zjn
Sobic.005G017500 sbi
Sobic.008G023401 sbi
PEQU_38872 peq
Solyc10g074680.1 sly
OsR498G1119347500.01 osaindica
OsR498G1220851500.01 osaindica
Spipo3G0011100 spo
Bradi4g44093 bdi
ATR1127G062 atr
MAC04G1614 mac
LOC_Os11g03110 osa
LOC_Os12g02870 osa

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