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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
LOC_Os05g24140 osa
LOC_Os11g05390 osa
EGU0206G0102 egu
EGU1863G0001 egu
EGU2506G0012 egu
Potri.002G016200 ptr
Potri.004G178600 ptr
Potri.005G245900 ptr
Potri.008G022100 ptr
Potri.009G138900 ptr
Potri.010G237300 ptr
GSVIVG01008736001 vvi
GSVIVG01011268001 vvi
GSVIVG01023968001 vvi
HVU0036G1119 hvu
HVU0041G1533 hvu
HVU0042G0936 hvu
TAE04981G001 tae
TAE12297G002 tae
TAE12321G002 tae

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