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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Zm00001d006009 zma
Zm00001d009566 zma
Zm00001d010527 zma
Zm00001d010832 zma
Zm00001d012417 zma
Zm00001d013108 zma
Zm00001d015899 zma
Zm00001d019994 zma
Zm00001d020840 zma
Zm00001d020903 zma
Zm00001d025672 zma
Zm00001d027471 zma
Zm00001d034373 zma
Zm00001d036699 zma
Zm00001d037540 zma
Zm00001d039770 zma
Zm00001d042917 zma
Zm00001d043929 zma
Zm00001d046914 zma
Zm00001d051699 zma

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