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gene_id species mapman
Oropetium_20150105_01444 oth
Oropetium_20150105_03036 oth
Oropetium_20150105_04885 oth
Oropetium_20150105_05539 oth
Oropetium_20150105_05592 oth
Oropetium_20150105_06494 oth
Oropetium_20150105_07176 oth
Oropetium_20150105_07810 oth
Oropetium_20150105_09272 oth
Oropetium_20150105_09496 oth
Oropetium_20150105_11141 oth
Oropetium_20150105_11658 oth
Oropetium_20150105_16097 oth
Oropetium_20150105_18845 oth
Oropetium_20150105_20327 oth
Oropetium_20150105_22604 oth
Oropetium_20150105_25525 oth
Oropetium_20150105_27538 oth
OB0080G10020 obr
OB02G22120 obr

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