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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
Solyc07g064200.2 sly
Solyc09g075540.1 sly
Solyc10g006450.2 sly
OsR498G0305770700.01 osaindica
OsR498G0306209100.01 osaindica
OsR498G0306209400.01 osaindica
OsR498G0307064000.01 osaindica
OsR498G0408992900.01 osaindica
OsR498G0510755200.01 osaindica
OsR498G0613204700.01 osaindica
OsR498G0714723300.01 osaindica
OsR498G0714723600.01 osaindica
OsR498G0715005400.01 osaindica
OsR498G1018985500.01 osaindica
Spipo16G0010500 spo
Spipo2G0082900 spo
Spipo2G0083000 spo
Spipo3G0028300 spo
Spipo7G0015100 spo
Bradi1g08130 bdi

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