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gene_id species mapman
Oropetium_20150105_18506 oth
OB02G16810 obr
Aco024400 aco
PH01000120G1040 ped
PH01001467G0230 ped
Zm00001d053658 zma
Sobic.004G081800 sbi
Mapoly0030s0110 mpo
PEQU_22937 peq
Solyc10g005890.2 sly
OsR498G0203160100.01 osaindica
Cre10.g447300 cre
Spipo5G0020300 spo
Bradi3g07286 bdi
ATR0587G001 atr
MCO11G772 mco
MAC02G2960 mac
LOC_Os02g10510 osa
EGU1121G0117 egu
Potri.001G469300 ptr

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