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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
TAE08933G007 tae
TAE13624G003 tae
TAE17783G001 tae
TAE18186G001 tae
TAE19455G001 tae
TAE20420G001 tae
TAE21826G002 tae
TAE49102G004 tae
SMO116G0269 smo
Seita.2G438900 sit
Seita.3G116100 sit
Seita.3G196200 sit
Seita.9G424000 sit
AT2G28060 ath
AT5G21170 ath
PAB00032438 pab
PAB00037266 pab
Zosma107g00460 zosmarina
Zosma132g00600 zosmarina
Zosma18g00830 zosmarina

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