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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman zjn
Sobic.001G408200 sbi
Sobic.003G284000 sbi
Sobic.009G208100 sbi
Mapoly0038s0082 mpo
Mapoly0160s0010 mpo
PEQU_15201 peq
PEQU_29802 peq
Solyc02g067030.2 sly
Solyc03g115700.2 sly
OsR498G0305728500.01 osaindica
OsR498G0511231600.01 osaindica
OsR498G0713681500.01 osaindica
OsR498G0816337100.01 osaindica
Cre04.g211600 cre
Spipo17G0019400 spo
Spipo1G0092900 spo
Bradi1g65630 bdi
Bradi2g18970 bdi
Bradi2g48830 bdi

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