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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
MAC11G0868 mac
MAC11G2020 mac
LOC_Os01g08190 osa
LOC_Os01g42260 osa
LOC_Os01g42270 osa
LOC_Os02g56880 osa
LOC_Os03g64300 osa
LOC_Os04g43130 osa
EGU0139G0755 egu
EGU0206G1677 egu
EGU0531G0061 egu
EGU0709G1103 egu
EGU1876G0233 egu
EGU2441G2242 egu
EGU2730G0001 egu
Potri.001G049400 ptr
Potri.002G241800 ptr
Potri.003G178600 ptr
Potri.004G045601 ptr
Potri.006G248100 ptr

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