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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
OsR498G0306967100.01 osaindica
OsR498G0714609300.01 osaindica
Cre08.g367650 cre
Spipo2G0106900 spo
Spipo9G0012500 spo
Bradi1g10180 bdi
Bradi1g24030 bdi
ATR0332G039 atr
ATR0332G110 atr
MCO09G498 mco
MAC03G2393 mac
MAC09G0643 mac
MAC12G1383 mac
LOC_Os03g51550 osa
LOC_Os07g38430 osa
EGU1474G0565 egu
EGU1876G1021 egu
EGU2441G1820 egu
Potri.002G051900 ptr
Potri.005G148500 ptr

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