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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
EGU1235G0008 egu
EGU2028G0833 egu
EGU2211G0976 egu
EGU2218G0001 egu
EGU2441G1107 egu
EGU2441G2712 egu
EGU2621G0311 egu
Potri.001G020900 ptr
Potri.002G030500 ptr
Potri.003G203600 ptr
Potri.005G232300 ptr
Potri.006G047900 ptr
Potri.006G152500 ptr
Potri.006G221000 ptr
Potri.007G066100 ptr
Potri.016G044100 ptr
GSVIVG01001461001 vvi
GSVIVG01005041001 vvi
GSVIVG01006081001 vvi
GSVIVG01006150001 vvi

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