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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
MAC09G0719 mac
MAC09G1996 mac
MAC11G0114 mac
MAC11G2671 mac
MAC12G1501 mac
LOC_Os01g09260 osa
LOC_Os01g10110 osa
LOC_Os01g56810 osa
LOC_Os01g71310 osa
LOC_Os02g12780 osa
LOC_Os04g44230 osa
LOC_Os05g31040 osa
LOC_Os06g37500 osa
LOC_Os08g35860 osa
LOC_Os10g34230 osa
EGU0456G0004 egu
EGU0531G0157 egu
EGU0531G0169 egu
EGU0935G0498 egu
EGU0935G1238 egu

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