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gene_id species mapman
Solyc01g088160.2 sly
Solyc04g016430.2 sly
Solyc04g080820.2 sly
Solyc08g061920.1 sly
Solyc08g061930.2 sly
Solyc10g017990.1 sly
Solyc10g079870.1 sly
Solyc12g008900.1 sly
Solyc12g008920.1 sly
OsR498G0100297400.01 osaindica
OsR498G0100344200.01 osaindica
OsR498G0102083800.01 osaindica
OsR498G0102671700.01 osaindica
OsR498G0203231500.01 osaindica
OsR498G0203232100.01 osaindica
OsR498G0408923500.01 osaindica
OsR498G0510705500.01 osaindica
OsR498G0612807200.01 osaindica
OsR498G0816251800.01 osaindica
OsR498G1018934100.01 osaindica

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