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gene_id species strand chr type
AT1G18580 ath + Chr1 coding
AT2G38650 ath - Chr2 coding
AT5G47780 ath + Chr5 coding
AT3G01040 ath + Chr3 coding
ATR0751G166 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00061 coding
ATR0022G002 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00135 coding
ATR0665G395 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00002 coding
ATR0073G003 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00115 coding
ATR0693G314 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00003 coding
ATR0681G278 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00007 coding
ATR0827G062 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00047 coding
ATR0681G129 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00007 coding
ATR1127G145 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00077 coding
ATR0737G112 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00068 coding
ATR0064G008 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00110 coding
ATR0661G010 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00001 coding
Bradi1g29784 bdi + Bd1 coding
Bradi4g33280 bdi + Bd4 coding
Bradi1g17570 bdi - Bd1 coding
Bradi3g43810 bdi - Bd3 coding

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