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gene_id species strand chr type
Aco006835 aco + LG01 coding
Aco016504 aco - LG11 coding
Aco000286 aco - LG12 coding
Aco011413 aco + LG01 coding
Aco008639 aco + LG09 coding
Aco018582 aco + LG01 coding
Aco021871 aco + LG21 coding
Aco029124 aco - scaffold_1580 coding
Aco008441 aco + LG19 coding
Aco019792 aco + LG05 coding
Aco001223 aco + LG02 coding
Aco028116 aco + scaffold_570 coding
Aco027158 aco + LG05 coding
Aco023363 aco - LG18 coding
Aco017733 aco - LG05 coding
Aco013502 aco - LG20 coding
Aco017165 aco + LG18 coding
Aco003136 aco - LG06 coding
Aco013567 aco - LG20 coding
Aco015575 aco - LG03 coding

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