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gene_id species strand chr type
Aco000989 aco - LG02 coding
Aco000988 aco - LG02 coding
Aco014125 aco + LG13 coding
Aco013483 aco + LG20 coding
Aco004320 aco + LG05 coding
AT4G16650 ath + Chr4 coding
AT1G14970 ath - Chr1 coding
AT5G63390 ath - Chr5 coding
AT1G14020 ath + Chr1 coding
AT5G65470 ath + Chr5 coding
AT3G21190 ath - Chr3 coding
AT1G35510 ath + Chr1 coding
AT3G03810 ath - Chr3 coding
AT1G11990 ath - Chr1 coding
AT1G22460 ath - Chr1 coding
AT1G29200 ath + Chr1 coding
AT5G01100 ath - Chr5 coding
AT1G51630 ath - Chr1 coding
AT4G38390 ath + Chr4 coding
AT1G38065 ath - Chr1 coding

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